Wines of Croatia News Round-Up: 19 Sept. – 02 Oct. 2011

Compiled by Cliff Rames, 02 October 2011

In case you missed anything, here is a round-up of the past two weeks’ links to the news articles, blog posts and videos that highlighted Croatia, its wine or wine culture. This feature will be published every Sunday. Cheers!



1) Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Four Seasons of Rosé

September 16, 2011 (omitted from previous round-up)



2) Thirst for Wine: A Croatian Love Affair

September 19, 2011



3) Wines of Croatia: A Bit about Babić (the Grape) – Part II

September 19, 2011



4) Polish Wine Guide: Mendek Plavac Sv. Jakov 2006

September 20, 2011


5) City AM: Croatian Wine: Surprise Gem of Europe’s Crop

September 20, 2011



6) The Morning Claret: Dalmatia Part 2: Pelješac Peninsula, Dingač and the Wines of the Bura Family

September 21, 2011


7) Taste of Croatia: Kozlović Malvazija Santa Lucia – Vertical Tasting

September 23, 2011


8. Wine, Words and Videotape: Croatian Wine: Flavour and Diversity

September 25, 2011


9) The Morning Claret: Dalmatia Part 3: Korta Katarina

September 26, 2011


10) Istria Aficionado: British Wine Writer and Wine Media Celebrity Oz Clark Loved Istrian Wines

September 26, 2011


11) Istria Aficionado: Matosevic wines of Istria staring at the James Beard Foundation dinner in New York

September 26, 2011



12) Guide2Croatia: Winemaker from Croatia Presenting Wines at The James Beard Foundation

September 26, 2011


13) Croatian Times: Matosevic Wines to be Presented in New York

September 27, 2011


14) Thierry’s Blog: First India – Now Slovenia and Croatia!

September 27, 2011


15) Istrian Aficionado: Istrian Restaurants Prepare Tasty Menus for the Restaurant Week Project in Croatia

September 28, 2011


16) Secret Dalmatia: Best Restaurants in Croatia – Boskinac Restaurant and Hotel, Novalja

September 30, 2011


17) Vinologue: Defining Prošek

October 2, 2011


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