Lonely No More: Wines of Croatia Featured in New Travel Guide

With the 2013 summer travel season well underway, we thought we would take a moment to remind folks that the 7th edition of the Lonely Planet – Croatia guide book is now available and is packed with many new features, including a special section dedicated to Croatian wines written by sommelier and Wines of Croatia founder, Cliff Rames.


The 300+ page Lonely Planet “survival guide” has been completely reviewed and updated with the latest insider advice, tips, reviews, maps and other useful information about best places to visit, stay, eat and drink across Croatia.  


In an effort to present the most interesting and intriguing information, the authors of Lonely Planet – Croatia “have hunted down the fresh, the transformed, the hot and the happening” – including extensive coverage of the food and wine scene in Croatia, or what the authors refer to as “foodie-friendly Croatia”.

In that spirit Lonely Planet becomes the first mainstream travel guide to include comprehensive information about the wines of Croatia, as well as region-by-region advice on wineries to visit and recommendations for vino to sample.

Croatian wines get full treatment on page 303, and Slavonia receives a special shout-out on page 85. All together, over 25 wineries are mentioned, along with a number of recommended wines for each and contact information.

If you are looking for a single-source for awesome reviews of places to visit, stay or eat in Croatia, then pick up a copy of Lonely Planet – Croatia and sip on all its juicy information. Even if you are not planning to travel to Croatia just yet, reading this book will make you want to book your reservations – and winery visits – even sooner.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Lonely No More: Wines of Croatia Featured in New Travel Guide

  • Congratulations…getting that information into Lonely Planet is huge! I recently bought the 6th edition and would have loved that information.

    • Howdi Anita,

      got the newsletter of WoC, checked the info about the new (hurray !!!) Lonely Planet guide, and found your comment.
      Left you after having “followed” your steps on the Camino, but glad to see you’re alive and kicking, still “fighting” to empty that bucketlist of yours.
      Extremely pleased Cliff found an open ear for his splendid wine info, as once again it’s “enjoy the fun and spread the news”, as “Croatia is f#cking awesome”.
      And to Cliff: congratulations and thanks again for teaching me/all about the better Croatian wines, resulting in getting an open curtain in the new LP’s Croatia guide.
      Cheers and pozdravi, Pim.

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