Sunday Snapshot: Old Cellar at Iločki Podrumi

Iločki Podrumi, located in the town of Ilok in the Srijem wine growing region of northeastern Croatia, administers one of the oldest wine cellars in Croatia, dating back to the 15th Century.

Iločki Podrumi produces wines made from graševina, traminac (gewürztraminer), chardonnay, frankovka (blaufränkisch), and cabernet sauvignon, as well as specializes in award-winning late harvest and ice wines.

For more information, check them out here:

(Photo: © 2013 Cliff Rames)
(Photo: © 2013 Cliff Rames)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Old Cellar at Iločki Podrumi

  • I know someone who simply enjoyed the light qualities of Prosecco &; as irony would have it, their heritage,was both Coatian & Italian. Is there anyone who produces the light bodied & gentle bubbly glera grape product domestically; that is, here in the U.S.? I don’t dare call it Prosecco then, do I? If produced here, what is it called?
    Very interesting article for a Proseeco buyer. Thank you.

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