Sunday Snapshot: The Road to Dingač

Accessible through a dark, single-lane, 400 meter-long  tunnel and curvy, mountain-hugging road (in photo), Dingač is Croatia’s oldest geographically protected wine-growing appellation – since 1961.

(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)
(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)

On the steep, southwest-facing slopes on the Pelješac peninsula, Plavac Mali grapes ripen in the blazing sun and are usually harvested between late September and early October.

Wines labeled “Dingač” may only be made from Plavac Mali grapes grown on these slopes along the Adriatic Sea. They are bold, dark wines with expressions of sun baked black fruit, cherries, dried fig and cranberries, roasted Mediterranean herb, coffee, and sometimes salty minerality.

Leading producers of Dingač wines are Bartulović, Bura, Kiridžija, Madirazza, Matuško, Miličić, Radović, Saints Hills, Skaramuča, and Vinarija Dingač.

Borak is one of two villages on the Pelješac peninsula near Dingač. The other is Potomje.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: The Road to Dingač

  • Hi Cliff,
    how about them people picking and producing these wines.
    Checking Google I get the idea they are being pressed themselves by Badel, due to an impossible contract.
    On top of that, these fantastic grapes are sold for around 10 kuna per kilo.
    Can you imagine, TEN kuna per kilo for this type of gold.
    Hope they can continue to make excellent wines.
    Anyway, started to try some Posip from Peljesac, and now I have a problem 🙂
    Thought I loved Krauthaker’s Traminac, but seems there’s another “devil” hunting for my glass.
    Cheers Cliff, thanks once more for your information, you’re ever so right to promote these “small” high end wines.

    • Yes, the sorry of the hardships of Dingac producers is a long and complex one – not really fitting for Sunday Snapshot. But you are right. It is a story that should be told.

      Posip usually comes from Korcula, but it’s starting to pop up from other places like Peljesac, Brac and the mainland near Skradin (via BIBICh). Which producer are you drinking from Peljesac?

      • you’re right cliff, it’s from korcula
        mixed things up (no, not in my glass)

        it writes:
        kvalitetno vino
        posip 2011 bijelo suho
        vinogorje korcula
        p.z. punikovici

        the other bottle says:
        vinogorje peljesac

        not being an expert, still it’s not easy to understand what the system is in croatia.
        (them french for instance are a lot more easy to understand with their system of cru’s and denominations).

        perhaps you should put some efford into explaining the croatian system (or did you already).
        anyway, cheers, pim.

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