Sunday Snapshot: Pickin’ Pošip

A freshly-picked cluster of Pošip grapes.

(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)
(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)

Pošip is the signature native white variety from Korčula island, although it is also cultivated in other areas of Dalmatia along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Pošip is distinguished by large, elongated bunches with oval, egg-shaped berries with relatively thin skins. Wines produced from Pošip can be full bodied with medium to medium-high alcohol; a viscous, oily texture; and notes of pear, fig, stone fruits, Mediterranean herb, wild flowers and honey.

Key producers of Pošip wines include: BIBICh; Grgić; Jako Vina-Stina; Korta Katarina; Krajančić; Kunjas; PZ Pošip-Čara; Toreta; and Zlatan Otok.


One thought on “Sunday Snapshot: Pickin’ Pošip

  • And whats not mentioned ….
    Its a fantastic wine to follow white Fish – both grilled and baked. And as my exp eriense it usually can be stored fore several years if you pic in the higher end of the pricescale.
    Its a sorry that this is a “unknown grapevarity” for most of the old “western Europe”.
    But back in time – this was one of the wines that was asked fore by the Royals when they had their special occasions.
    It makes a very good refreshing wine With a carrater.
    JonR – Norway

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