Sunday Snapshot: Postup

Located on the Pelješac peninsula along the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia, Postup is Croatia’s second oldest geographically protected wine-growing appellation (granted in 1963), lying just northwest of its more famous sister region, Dingač.

Like Dingač, Postup is home to the Plavac Mali grape and produces bold, powerful, sometimes off-dry to slightly sweet wines such as the benchmark Postup Mare from Bura-Mrgudić.

Behold the beauty of this terroir: Postup!

(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)
(Photo: Copyright © Cliff Rames)

5 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Postup

  • Hi Cliff,
    once more, thanks for sharing your immense knowledge of Croatian wines and grapes.
    It’s always a great pleasure to read and learn from you.
    Now I’ve got a question:
    Are you, at any moment, gonna put it all in a book, and if not, what (English written) book on Croatian wines would you recommend ?
    Was drinking my neighbor’s young white yesterday evening, and to me it seems this is a great wine year in Dalmacija !
    (Less, but nice quality).
    Thanks again, Pim.

  • Hi Cliff,
    wrote a page on my blog about your excellent information.
    Looking at the statistics of it you might see some more enthusiasts following your pages.
    Hope you like it, poz. Pim.

  • Hi Cliff,

    don’t know if it was because of your message or interest in my post, but my average daily amount of visitors went through the roof.
    Regularly between 30 and 50, my post about your site reaches 250 visits !
    Prva liga professor, pametno !!!!
    Please do not reply in Croatian, glad I manage in English 🙂 (as a Dutchman).
    Whatever, great to see so many people get to know your blog and site !
    Cheers my friend, poz. Pim.

    • Hi Pim, with pleasure I posted your nice article on the Wines of Croatia Facebook page a few days ago, so perhaps that has something to do with the uptick in traffic. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you as always for your enthusiasm and support. Cheers!

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