Call for Entries: IceWine du Monde 2014

The Czech Tourist Authority, in association with the Czech Association of Sommeliers and the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), has announced the 4th Annual IceWine du Monde competition, which will be held in the historical chateau complex, Lednice, in Moravia, Czech Republic, from August 29 – 31, 2014.

Czech ice wine venue_Lednice screen shot

According to the IceWine du Monde website, the goal of the event is to “conduct an evaluation and comparison of ice, straw and other sweet wines from various countries of the world on a high professional level”.

The competition is designated for sweet wines with a residual sugar content of minimum 45 g/l. The competition is not designated for fortified wines.

Wineries in Croatia that produce “Predikatno vino”, i.e.: Ice wine (ledeno vino), late harvest (kasna berba), botrytis selection (izborna berba;  izborna berba prosušenih bobica), Prošek, or other sweet wines that meet the criteria are invited and encouraged to participate.

The deadline for winery registration is March 31, 2014, and the deadline for the entry of wines is August 08, 2014.

For more information and complete instructions for registration, please click on this link: or contact Alena Badžgoňová at

Cheers and good luck!



One thought on “Call for Entries: IceWine du Monde 2014

  • Hi Cliff,
    hope a lot of entries from Croatia will compete.
    Think they’re on the verge of becoming champions of the ultimate niche.
    (Don’t think big, think better).
    Cheers, Pim.
    thanks for posting, teaching me (and others) about Croatian names of ice wines. (ledeno vino, kasna berba, izborna berba; izborna berba prosušenih bobica).
    Know the French names, even the German names, but hey, this is Croatia.
    Still think you should (consider to) write that book :-).
    Them wines deserve it, and you know how !

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