Los Angeles Times discovers the wines of the Plešivica region

By Cliff Rames

In a September 26, 2016 Los Angeles Times article entitled “In old-world Croatia, here are four trendy towns worth visiting”, author Margo Pfeiff lists four towns that one must visit in northern Croatia, which she describes as “rural regions known for their vineyards and welcoming agri-tourism farms….”

(Photo: © 2016 Cliff Rames)

During her journey from Zagreb to Istria, Ms. Pfeiff meandered into Jastrebarsko and up into the green slopes of the Plešivica wine region, which she aptly paints as a a “verdant region of hills and valleys draped in vineyards with Alpine-style chalets, wineries and family farms adorning the ridges.”

Not surprisingly she was quite impressed with the wines of the region, in particular those of Velimir Korak (“remarkable Chardonnays and French-style fruity Pinot Noirs”) and Tomislav Tomac (“rich, lusty Chardonnays and Rieslings aged underground in large terra-cotta amphorae”).

Korak Pinot Noir (Photo: © 2016 Cliff Rames)
Tomac wines (Photo: © 2016 Cliff Rames)

Needless to say, the LA Times story induced in me a desire to return tomorrow and wander those peaceful, precious wine hills. Anyone following this blog knows I have a soft and nostalgic spot in my heart for Plešivica, as well as for the delicious wines of Korak and Tomac, which I have written about several times. If you have time and would like to learn more, here are some of those links. Enjoy!

Exit: Croatia – In Search of Portugieser

Tasting Plešivica: From Above & Below (Part 1 – Korak)

Tasting Plešivica: From Above & Below (Part 2 – Tomac)

Lunch at Korak Winery in the Rolling Hills of Plešivica – in Pictures

Tomac Winery, Anfora, and the Wine Guys – in Pictures

For the full text of the Los Angeles Times article, please click HERE

Plesivica (Photo: ©2016 Cliff Rames)
Plesivica (Photo: ©2016 Cliff Rames)

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