Mission Statement

To independently and objectively promote Croatia among wine consumers, connoisseurs, and trade personnel in order to raise awareness and stimulate the sale of quality Croatian wines on export markets.


Wines of Croatia is committed to serving as a timely and reliable source of information about Croatian wines for wine advocates and consumers, professional wine buyers and sommeliers, agro-tourists, members of the international wine trade, and the global media.

The goal of this mission is to raise public awareness and appreciation of Croatia as a quality wine-producing country and–by residual effect–increase the commercial demand for top quality Croatian wines in key global markets (e.g., the United States, United Kingdom; European Union; former Republics of Yugoslavia; other non-EU states; and Asia).

To achieve this mission, Wines of Croatia implements the following strategic approaches:

  1. Provide access to timely and pertinent information about Croatian wine, wine regions, native grapes, wine producers, wine roads, wine importers, distributors and retailers, and other useful information though the Wines of Croatia website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media avenues.
  1. Showcase the uniqueness and typicity of Croatia’s wine regions and indigenous grapes and publicize notable achievements, events, press and media hits, and  international wine competition results.
  1. Create an ongoing marketing and promotion strategy that promotes Croatia as a wonderful source of quality, terroir-driven wines that should be enjoyed by winelovers around the world.
  1. Promote Croatia as a wine-tourism destination where visitors can discover Croatia’s vibrant wine culture, tourist friendly wineries, and stunningly beautiful wine regions.
  1. Facilitate, organize and/or conduct promotional events, wine tastings and press events and trips aimed at awakening and increasing awareness about Croatia and its wines.
  1. Assist member wineries, importers, wholesalers & distributors to more effectively connect with consumers and potential buyers; conversely consumers benefit from information that will help them determine if Croatian wines are available for sale in their local markets.
  1. Ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of Wines of Croatia as an organization through the creation of a membership-driven body of supporters (wineries; importers & distributors; retailers; restaurants; etc.) who share the vision and goals of Wines of Croatia. These entities will regularly provide pertinent content and information about their newest products, events, wine availability, harvest reports, and other information of interest to our audience, which will be disseminated by Wines of Croatia.
  1. Cultivate relationships with other like-minded organizations, businesses, and institutions to form a coalition of supporters, advocates, and professional marketing entities who will assist to propel the dissemination of information and marketing materials.


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